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Read carefully before you publish your next (or first) Kindle eBook:

Now there is a way for us independent Authors -- YES, you and me -- to get advance money for our eBooks. Just like the big name writers backed by the giant New York Publishing Houses!

Now, let me be clear... I'm not talking "millions of dollars" here. But wouldn't it be nice to get some upfront money... BEFORE you even begin to write your eBook? $1,000.00? $2,000.00? Maybe even $5,000.00 in advance?

Little-known strategy to NOT only get a book advance but
to also get enough money to outsource your next couple of books... for free!

Traditional Kindle Writing is going to cost you either time -- if you do it yourself -- or money -- if you have it outsourced.

Now you can get your ebook written for free -- OR even make money on it in Advance.

Use the Advance Money for:

  • Outsourcing your next eBook (or next 10 ebooks)

  • Cover Design (get a professional to whip up a jaw-dropping cover
    that will have people buying like crazy!)

  • eBook Promotion (wouldn't it be great to have the money to promote
    your eBook without going out of pocket?)

  • Whatever you want (hey, want to use the money for a little Vacation?
    Go ahead -- it's YOUR money!)
Wouldn't it be great to have the money to do ALL the things I just mentioned? Now you can!

The Money is Yours to Keep!

The Profits in Advance System is NOT a loan...
you get to use the money any way you want and
you never have to pay back anyone... EVER!

Profits in Advance allows you to:

  • Get paid BEFORE you write a single word.

  • Use the money any way you want.

  • You never have to pay the money back.

  • Just like the big name writers... you
    will get Paid in Advance!

You Will Have in Your Hands our "Magic Formula" for
getting Advance Money for your eBook...
before you write a single word!

Profits in Advance is an Easy-To-Follow Video Course that teaches you:

  • The Little-Known Strategy that Allows you to get Profits in Advance for your eBook Idea!

  • How to Get Paid Hundreds or Thousands of Dollars before you Write a Single Word

  • Get Enough Money to pay for Outsourcing your next ebook... or your next 10 eBooks!

  • The Paid in Advance system allows you to test your eBook idea BEFORE you commit your time to it.

  • This system will Motivate you Because you'll get Feedback about your eBook Idea.

  • If you have a winning eBook idea -- you'll know it before writing a single word!

  • If you have a losing eBook idea you can drop it and try something else!

  • How to Fund a small eBook Project over a weekend.

  • Exactly what to do...

  • AND what NOT to do...

  • How you can become a BROKER and make a commission helping other authors get funds for their project!

Absolutely! You can get money for any of these types of projects:

  • A Kindle eBook

  • Physical Book

  • A Website

  • A Software Application

  • An iPhone/iPad Game

  • A New Online Business Model

  • A Video or Movie

  • Any other creative project you can think of!
(Please Note: to Get Money in Advance you must have an actual project in mind. You can't solicit donations EVEN if it's for a charitable cause)

Here's everything you get with the
Profits in Advance Course:
  • One hour and 20 minutes of step-by-step Video Instructions by Dave Henry (Dave will show you exactly what to do AND what NOT to do)

  • Handy Follow Along Printouts for Each Module (so you can take notes as you follow along with the videos)

  • Audio MP3 format of the videos (so you can listen while commuting or working out)

  • 3 Case studies of failed projects and exactly WHY they failed (so you don't make the same mistakes)

  • 4 Case Studies of successful projects (including a Cookbook that made $2066.00 before the author wrote a single word!)

  • Just Added: 10 MORE Case Studies of successful projects:

    • Author Raises an incredible $7615 -- in Advance
    • Music CD rakes in $1251.00
    • App Idea Raises $2770.00...
    • Pregnant Woman's product idea makes an incredible $6060.00...
    • Picture Book makes a whopping $65,516.00 in advance profits...
    • $66,548.00 for an Innovative new product idea...
    • recording artist raises $9800.00 for her music album...
    • plus more amazing Case Studies!

  • Bonus: Top Resources (the exact tools you need to hit the ground running with this system.)

  • Bonus: Best Cover Graphics Ever (reveals the absolute best place to get eye popping graphics for your Kindle Covers!)

100% Money Back Guarantee for Two Months

We want to put all the risk on our shoulders. And we don't want you to feel like you're risking a penny. Besides the low price, we are also guaranteeing every penny for sixty days. If you're not ecstatic with our Profits in Advance Course, the Bonus Top Resources Gulde, the Best Kindle Covers Ever Bonus, then send an email to support@thenetresults.com and we will refund every cent... PLUS, you can keep the course with our compliments.

If you want, you can call James' office at 980-819-9430. Sharon or someone else in the office will pick up the phone Monday through Friday between 9:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Eastern time. You can also submit a ticket at www.tnrsupport.com -- either way, we will take care of you fast and get you a full refund if you're not thrilled. We just don't want to keep your money if you're not happy.

"I'm ready to get started!"

Yes, I'll download Profits in Advance right now and get my free gifts: Top Resources... that will give me the tools to allow me to hit the ground running and get Money in Advance for my next eBook. Best Kindle Cover Graphics Ever... that reveals the absolute best place to get eye popping graphics for your Kindle Covers.

I'm ready to see your "Magic Formula" for getting Advance Money for my next -- or first -- eBook... and how to never again have to use my own money for outsourcing. I can already see the eBook Royalty Payments being wired into my bank account and I'm ready and willing to do the little bit of upfront work that's required to profit for months and years in the future.

I know it's only a tiny $14 one time investment for your Profits in Advance Course and that every penny of my money is guaranteed for sixty full days... plenty of time to find out that this is the most fantastic, thorough course I'll ever need to get Paid in Advance for my next project... wheither it be a Kindle eBook, Physical book, Website, or even a Software Product.

I'm ready to get started!

Thank you for reading our letter.


James J. Jones
Dave Henry

No Literary Agent or Publisher needed!

You can do this yourself with the easy to use,
step-by-step system that we will teach you.

Profits in Advance allows you to:

  • Work at your on pace

  • You never have to negotiate with anyone

  • Get all the money you need

  • BEFORE you write a single word!